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January 03, 2017

Cafe Fina Olive Canning Recipe

Cafe Fina Green Olives Canning Olive season is typically right around the winter holidays, which works out great if you want to start a new, fun, family tradition of canning! Below, Dominic, owner of Cafe Fina, has shared his olive canning recipes. There are recipes for both black and green olives. *A special tip– if you do want to eat them around the holidays next year, be sure to start prepping approximately six (6) months ahead of the holiday. We hope you enjoy the canning fun! You can,

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May 02, 2016

VIDEO: Farm to Table Field Trip with Cafe Fina

Find Out Where Your Food Comes From Take a road trip with Cafe Fina owner, Dominic Mercurio, to his almond farm in Los Banos, California. Click on image above to view video! Or click on Cafe Fina’s Youtube Page. You know what the month of May means… It’s salmon season. Commercial salmon season is officially open in Monterey Bay for the next two months. That means salmon pulled fresh from the salty sea will head straight to Cafe Fina’s kitchen.Salmon season or not, you

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March 21, 2016

Italian Cooking Techniques: 24 Deliciously Simple Tips

You can buy a library’s worth of cookbooks and watch a hundred different television shows. Are there really more traditional Italian cooking techniques out there than stars over Monterey Bay? Let’s keep it simple by sharing two dozen deliciously easy tips broken down into four basic categories. Making Your Own Pasta Homemade pasta at Café Fina 1. Making your own pasta can be a lot of fun; we greatly enjoy preparing and serving homemade pasta at our Italian seafood restaurant here in

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February 25, 2016

Monterey Dining at Cafe Fina: Making the Best Even Better

Just like fresh herbs in the garden, treasured recipes are meant to be nurtured. The art of perfecting dishes has always been a part of owner Dominic Mercurio’s commitment to serving the true flavors of Italy here at Cafe Fina. Because of his dedication, we consistently earn accolades as one of the best Italian restaurants in Monterey CA. It’s an Italian Tradition Our signature dish – Pasta Fina When Cafe Fina first opened here on Fisherman’s Wharf in 1989, we offered so

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February 02, 2016

A Delicious Cooking Secret Straight from the Kitchen

It’s surprisingly easy, it cooks every entree to perfection, and you can try it at home this evening. Yes, you can prepare dishes worthy of the menus at the finest Italian restaurants in Monterey.So, What’s the Secret? In spite of its strong French accent, sous vide’s secret actually started with American inventor Benjamin Thompson in the late 1700s. The gentleman had many other things on his plate, but his technique finally enjoyed a renaissance in the 1970s thanks to Fren

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