Café Fina Restaurant on Fisherman’s Wharf will celebrate its 30th anniversary this summer!

One of the Monterey Peninsulas most renowned and cherished restaurants turns 30 this
summer. Café Fina on Fisherman’s Wharf will celebrate its 30th anniversary this June 28th
Family recipes passed down from grandmother to mother are still used at Café Fina to provide
an authentic Italian seafood experience right here in Monterey. In this Italian cuisine, fresh fish
and homemade pasta has been the main course since 1989.
Owner Dominic Mercurio remembers playing and working on the wharf since he was just a
child, “a bunch of us used to come down her every day in the summer time. We were 10 or 11
and would leave home in the morning and not go back until dark.” “My father Jean introduced
my brother and I to the fishing industry and shared everything we knew. We are proud to
continue his legacy.”
Some years later, Dominic opened his own Italian seafood restaurant in Monterey, naming it
after his mother Josephina.
Dominic’s excellent cooking has enabled him to be the sole caterer for John Madden’s induction
ceremony into the Football Hall of Fame in 2006. Dominic has earned visits from Rachel Ray,
the Hillstrand Brothers of the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch and other TV, Movie and
Sport stars including the great Joe DiMaggio. Dominic is also committed to his local
community, donating on as regular basis to a number of organizations in the Monterey Area.
In the coming months Café Fina will be rolling back prices on specialty food items and drinks to
1989 prices. Special pricing will include spaghetti and meatballs, pizza and wine.
Join Café Fina as they celebrate 30 years this June and thank the many loyal local customers
who have made the last 30 years so special!