Spend Valentine’s Day at Cafe Fina

Valentines Day is the perfect time for fine dining. At Cafe Fina on Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey, California, lovers can savor good food, beautiful surroundings, and the pleasure of each other’s company. Since 1989, Cafe Fina has been a premier location for Italian-themed seafood and pasta dishes.

Your partner will love the intimate setting of our beautiful restaurant. Enjoy something from our wine list as you take in the beauty of Monterey Harbor. The atmosphere here is just what you need to rekindle the fires of romance, and delicious Italian food was made to be shared during a special event like Valentines Day.

Fine dining options at our restaurant include menus for lunch and dinner. You can bring your Valentine date for a quiet lunch of wild salmon or fish and chips, or you can enjoy dinner items like lobster or Alaskan halibut. Our wine list includes our very own vintage, Cafè Fina, and other popular choices. Some are even from wineries in Monterey.

Are you thinking of proposing to your special one this Valentine’s Day? We can make this a truly special event. Just let us know what you have planned and we will be happy to assist you in whatever way we can. Your partner will never forget the moment when you proposed, kneeling there with the lights of the harbor in the background.

Anniversaries are also a great time to visit Cafe Fina. A wonderful meal is something couples should share together often. Our belief is that you should take time to celebrate the finer things in life, and we work to make every occasion special for our guests.

We invest everything we do with a large amount of love and care. That’s what makes us the perfect romantic spot. Our passion is making those who dine with us feel like they have created a wonderful moment in time, one that they will remember forever. Many guests visit us at this time each year. It has become a tradition for them. Won’t you let it be your tradition, too?

Our food is prepared in the authentic tradition of Italy. Italian dining is world-renowned for being one of the best cuisines in the world. Dominic Mercurio and his talented staff want to extend a warm welcome to you on this lover’s holiday. May the dreams you share with your sweetheart be enhanced with a visit to our fine restaurant.