Best Monterey Restaurants Include the Cafe Fina

The Best Monterey Restaurants Include the Cafe Fina.

California’s Monterey Bay is the back drop to one of the state’s most breathtaking coasts. For this reason, it is not surprising that many travelers choose this lovely area for their annual vacation or for fun and interesting weekend getaways throughout the year. Fortunately, there is a broad range of accommodation options, activities, attractions, and Monterey restaurants from which to choose when you are visiting this spectacular area. If you are an Italian seafood enthusiast and prefer restaurants with great views and terrific wine lists, make your reservations at the Cafe Fina and enjoy a delicious home cooked lunch or dinner.

Something for Everyone

If you plan to visit the Old Fisherman’s Wharf when spending time in Monterey, add the Cafe Fina to your must-see list. Here, you can enjoy an unforgettable meal, warm, friendly atmosphere, and captivating views of the Bay. When searching for good food Monterey visitors are never disappointed with what they find at this impressive, family owned restaurant. Whether you enjoy seafood dishes or traditional Italian food, the Cafe Fina has the exact cuisine you prefer.

An Interesting History

The Cafe Fina’s history is a long and interesting one, which essentially dates back to when Dominic Mercurio, the restaurant’s proprietor, spent enjoyable days fishing with his family on the Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey. Remembering stories told by his father, who worked in the fishing industry, and indulging in authentic Italian dishes made by his mother, he grew up as no stranger to the food and fishing industry, and subsequently parlayed that background into an exciting and rewarding career in the restaurant business.

Fresh Home Grown Ingredients

The food Monterey residents and vacationers prefer is fresh, healthy, and free of excessive preservatives. Therefore, if you are searching for Italian seafood or other selections on the Fisherman’s Wharf that are both delicious and healthy, the Cafe Fina is your best option.

The Mercurio Family owns and operates a beautiful farm in Los Banas California, which is located on a picturesque, 25 acre stretch of sunny agricultural land. It is on this small farm that crops of organic vegetables and herbs are produced to ensure a garden to table experience for each patron of the Cafe Fina. All fresh produce is harvested through sustainable, environmentally friendly methods. Fresh, organic produce and ingredients of this type are not found at any other eatery on the Wharf.

Seafood selections on the Cafe’s menu also feature preservative-free, fresh caught fish and shellfish, and similar to the harvesting techniques mentioned above, the fishing methods used by Mercurio and his staff are also environmentally friendly. Whether harvesting fresh produce or fare from the sea, the family is dedicated to ecologically friendly measures in all phases of their business.

Dining With a View

The Cafe Fina is not only created with sumptuous cuisine in mind, but also with the goal of offering visitors a lovely, remarkable view of their surroundings. For this reason, in addition to the delicious food and wines available at the Cafe Fina, you will also find your surroundings quite extraordinary. Offering one of the best panoramic views of the Monterey Bay, this establishment regularly exceeds the visual expectations its guests.

Outstanding Fresh Menu Selections

Featuring fresh fish, homemade seafood pasta, and classic Italian fare, you will never be disappointed with the food selection offered at Cafe Fina. Fresh Mediterranean black mussels, cherry stone clams and deep fried Monterey calamari are just a few of the delicious appetizers offered by the Cafe.

Lunch selections include tempting creations such as shrimp and crab ravioli, traditional paella, fish and chips, wild abalone, and signature dishes passed down through the family, such as Mom’s Meatballs with Pasta. A wide variety of sandwiches and burgers are also available from which to choose.

The dinner menu offers ideal selections for any taste or preference as well, including
King crab, lobster tail, wild salmon, chicken parmesan with penne pasta, various steak dishes, and prawn scampi. Homemade pizzas, soups and salads are also available, as well as a children’s menu for patrons with youngsters.

A Crowd Pleasing Wine Selection

The Cafe Fina’s excellent wine selection is also a crowd pleaser, with a broad range of white, red and rose wines from which to choose. Both domestic and imported blends are available, making it easy to find something that appeals to your taste buds.

Delicious Desserts to Top Off Your Dining Experience

You will be pleased to find that the Cafe Fina also provides delectable desserts, such as spumoni ice cream, Cannoli, and chocolate mousse. When you visit, ask your server about the various desserts available.

Banquet Menu

The Cafe Fina offers a highly competitive banquet menu as well, if you ever find yourself in need such services and want to make sure your banquet is a success. Contact the restaurant for the most up-to-date banquet information.

Special Offers

With purchase of two entrees, you can enjoy a free “chef’s choice” appetizer. This complimentary appetizer is provided to those who reserve a table on the phone or online. To make reservations, simply call 1-800-THE FINA (1-800-843-3462) or visit to make reservations online.

A Strong Commitment to the Community

Mercurio also feels a strong commitment to the surrounding community, and regularly donates to various worthwhile organizations in the Monterey area.

If you are on vacation and searching for great Monterey restaurants that offer homemade Italian food and delicious sea fare of all kinds, you cannot go wrong with the Cafe Fina. With its delectable cuisine, spectacular views of the Bay and unique history, this restaurant is an ideal option for essentially any diner.